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Three Days in Rome

Rome: Capital of Italy Home to stunning architecture, the former Roman Empire and the smallest country in the world, Rome has a lot to offer. This city is filled with so much culture that it can be hard to take it all in: three days allows you to see the highlights. DAY 1 - SPANISH STEPS, TREVI FOUNTAIN, PANTHEON, ALTER OF THE FATHERLAND, COLOSSEUM                           As one of the most famous sights in Rome, the Spanish Steps are a must see for any traveller.                      The Trevi Fountain is a must see and considered the most famous fountain in Rome. I recommend getting here early or late in the day in order to avoid the crowds. This is one of many fountains in the city so be sure to look out for others such as the Fountain of Four Rivers.                                 Located just a short walk from Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon is famous for its architecture: with no windows, an oculus called the Eye of the Pantheon is the only light source.                         T

Three Days in Berlin

Berlin: Capital of Germany There is so much to see in this amazing city which can appear overwhelming however almost everything is within walking distance making it easy to get around. When planning my trip to Berlin I found Visit Berlin  to be a great resource. DAY 1 – MUSEUM ISLAND AND BERLIN TV TOWER      Museum Island is a UNESCO world heritage site made up of five museums surrounded by the River Spree. This is a beautiful part of Berlin to visit: I recommend going into one of the museums. I picked the  Neues Museum  which houses many Egyptian artefacts, the most famous being the bust of Nefertiti. Although signs suggest you can't take photos of Nefertiti, if you ask the security staff, they will indicate where you can take pictures from.           The TV Tower   offers a great vantage point for views over the city, especially at sunset. The maps around the windows also helped me get my bearings during my first day in Berlin. There is also a restaurant at the top which would ma

Seven Days in Sorrento

Sorrento: Gulf of Naples  This is a beautiful place to base yourself when exploring some of the most popular sites in Italy’s Campania region. With great connections to surrounding islands, towns and cities, this destination is perfect for any traveller. DAY 1 - POMPEII   I recommend hiring a tour guide as the site covers several miles and can take days to see. A two hour guided tour ensures you visit all the key spots and means you have plenty of time to explore more of Pompeii at your own pace. I recommend spending a full day here. DAY 2 - HERCULANEUM AND VESUVIUS            The site of Herculaneum is smaller than that of Pompeii so is easier to navigate on your own especially with the detailed map provided with your entry ticket. I opted not to use a tour guide in Herculaneum but instead used my knowledge of Pompeii to explore the city, which can be done in half a day.   After seeing the destruction caused by Mount Vesuvius I recommend climbing the still active volcano which is